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Introducing cab

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Alexander Bardutzky, Managing Director
Alexander Bardutzky, Managing Director cab

“Every industry sets specific demands. Each activity along a value chain provides its own framework. However, the key concerns of our customers are basically the same: information, whether printed on labels or applied directly on components or workpieces, must be clearly legible. Hardware provided by us must perform perfectly at the point of use. cab offers both: devices ranging from simple desktop printers to modular systems designed for operation in automatic production plants, well-constructed on a high level of workmanship.”

In the automotive sector, labeling ensures that components to the smallest screw are traceable. In logistics, labeling guarantees scheduled delivery. On electrical devices, typeplates refer to performance data and use.

The pharmaceutical industry sees labeling prevent from errors relevant to health. In chemistry, labeling points out to risks associated with the handling of the products – multi-colored and without any barriers as regards language. On food, labeling informs about ingredients and on textiles about its best possible care.

cab since more than 40 years develops and manufactures solutions for product marking and a large amount of accessories for any demand.

The product range includes label printers, print and apply systems, label dispensers and marking laser systems. In addition, cab provides labels and thermal transfer ribbons for the perfect imprint. Components as well as means of laboratory, testing and production are still offered.

Made in Germany

Label printers

Print and apply systems

Labeling heads

Print modules

Label dispensers

Marking laser systems

Label software

Labels, ribbons

Means of production, components

Shaping innovation together

As an owner-operated family company, cab offers customer focus and economic continuity. Foresight, ideas, added by curiosity and joy in its own products and their further development have always been driving forces in the company.

Facts and figures

  • founded 1975
  • nine sites in eight countries
  • 115 million Euros group turnover in fiscal year 2023
  • industry leader in automated and high-precision labeling
  • Europe‘s major manufacturer of label printing systems


cab sites locate in GERMANY, FRANCE, NORTH and CENTRAL AMERICA, ASIA and SOUTH AFRICA. There are also more than 800 distribution and service partners worldwide.


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Consistent know-how, high level of vertical integration

All mechanical and plastic components used in the devices are manufactured at the Sömmerda site near Erfurt. The machinery as well as the assembly lines are always using the latest technology. Substantial production methods provide the precondition to manufacture even complex marking systems economically.


Constructional, agile, adaptable

When it comes to using cab devices, the customers expect a long service life and 100 per cent availability. The printing and labeling processes have to be precise and reliable. Intuitive operation is a key criterion especially with alternating staff.

On this basis, cab continuously develops ideas and assigns new technologies to real applications. cab does not only sell products for individual demands, but offers also comprehensive consulting and scalable system solutions. All competencies for the whole process chain of electronic, mechanic and software engineering are provided within cab.

At home in any business

A quarter of a million cab devices are in continuous operation all over the world. cab printers and systems are operated by global players as well as by small and medium-sized companies. The figures are clear: 88 per cent of all cab customers steadily rely on solutions made by the family company set in Karlsruhe – many of them for 20 years or more.

AutomotiveHealth carePackaging

  • Address labeling
  • Ampule labeling
  • Operation instructions
  • Blood bag labeling
  • Coding
  • Container labeling
  • Drum labeling
  • Fine dust certification
  • Hazardous goods information
  • Inventory labeling
  • Cable labeling
  • Stock ground labeling
  • Food labeling
  • Pallet labeling
  • Patient admission
  • Pricing
  • Product labeling
  • Documentation
  • Verification
  • Shelf labeling
  • Tube labeling
  • Parts labeling
  • Test tagging
  • Tickets
  • Frozen food labeling
  • Typeplates
  • Dispatch labeling
  • Receipt of goods
  • Warning notices
  • … and many other issues

“We have been cooperating with cab for more than ten years now. The marking lasers feature a high level of technical maturity and beam quality.”

- Thomas Reisbeck, ZF TRW -

“At cab, we have met sales representatives who are able to disassemble and reassemble a printer themselves. That has been very well received by us.”

- Jörg Unfried, VARTA -

“The cab printers enable us to realize everything that is needed.
We thereby achieve very good results.”

- Walter Dinzenhofer, Amoena -

“We could immediately see enthusiasm in your considerations.
This is very much in line with the way we are working.”

- Daniel Mazur, Formula Student Germany -

We identify more

cab has been a pioneer in stand-alone printing. The Hermes C system for printing and applying two-color labels in one operation has been honored with the German Packaging Award.

Long before Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things became evident, cab devices did far more than just printing on a label.


The products’ architecture has always been designed according to intuitive usability, integration in automated production lines as well as reliability.

The interfaces and protocols of cab’s current printer generation offer the basis to bi-directionally interact with master networks, production planning or PLC.

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“From the concept to the finished product: We are shaping the market significantly!”
Visionary technologies

Product marking calls for new techniques and procedures to support work processes in general and industrial manufacturing in particular.

Labeling components, products and packaging is no longer, and has not been for a long time just a possibility of identifying objects to end users. Labeling is needed to create, in the first place, a possibility of assigning production or customer specific data.

As for the future, cab still has great things waiting in the pipeline.

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