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Klaus Bardutzky / Managing Director and Company Founder
Our Competence

Products need labeling

  • Label printing, automated labeling, laser marking – cab offers proper solutions for all requirements regarding product and package marking.
  • cab has more than 40 years of professional experience, technological expertise and the ability to anticipate changing markets.
  • cab experts know exactly what mechanisms are needed to shape business processes.

Feel free to contact us! For example at a trade show in your area: www.cab.de/trade-shows

Alexander Bardutzky / 2nd Generation Managing Director

United we are strong

  • As an owner-operated, independent family company cab offers intense customer focus and economic continuity.
  • At cab, the regard for international cultures is the highest priority. cab establishes trust to form the basis for mutual success.
  • cab supports creative and autonomous working. For this purpose, emphasis is placed on flat organizational structures, cooperative leadership and a contemporary working environment.

More information on how we define strategic thoughts and actions at: www.cab.de/company-policy

Working at cab

Setting the right course

  • We motivate and direct with a convincing vision.
  • Our overall concept is based on trust and an open communication. We take emotions seriously and show an active interest for the needs of our employees.
  • By means of flat organizational structures and a cooperative leadership we encourage our employees to develop passion and to do the best for the company.

United we are strong

  • With openness and fairness we create the foundation for our development and trustful teamwork.
  • By bringing our knowledge together, using the experience of each individual and linking potentials we achieve higher quality.
  • According to us, to detect and learn from mistakes is a character of growth.

Start working with a smile on your face

  • Autonomous working is explicitly desired. We work fast, inventive, simple and constructive.
  • Our colleagues appreciate the friendliness with which we meet their concerns.

Productivity in accordance with well-being

  • We design work areas in a friendly and functional style and provide modern working facilities.
  • By creating an innovation-friendly company atmosphere we open up creative scope and promote the strengths of each employee.
  • With education and training opportunities we establish know-how in house and provide opportunities to further develop within the company.

Keep moving

  • A motivated and healthy workforce makes us successful.
  • In Karlsruhe we offer our employees personal trainings with profound assistance (report in German). At our location in Sömmerda there is a gym available.
  • Seminars on work-life management and company football together complement our occupational healthcare management.
  • We support our employees‘ future in form of an occupational pension scheme with attractive grants.

For all current open jobs see: www.cab.de/stellenangebote (in German)

"I can plan my own future with cab. Even during recession in 2009 our jobs were secure. Which other company can make such a claim."

- Thomas Rinnert, Marketing -

"Honest commitment is always noticed – even from outside the company. Customers regularly tell me that they really appreciate our individual efforts."

- Michael Obst, Technical Support and Trainings -

"Here you are confirmed you are not just an employee but first of all a human being."

- Helga Rockenstein-Mangei, Processing of Orders -

"A lot of employees already work at cab for ten, even twenty years or longer. Can there be any better argument for a good working environment?"

- Doreen Fascher, Accounts Department -

"The colleagues are loyal. That is, one occasionally hangs out together after the office hours. I myself coordinate the corporate cab soccer playing in Karlsruhe."

- Jens Repple, ICT -



  • 2016
  • 2016

    350 employees at cab worldwide

  • 2014

    Programming and distribution of labeling software: cablabel S3

  • 2009

    Alexander Bardutzky is confirmed as new corporate management

  • 2006

    200 employees at cab worldwide

  • 2000

    Development, manufacture and distribution of laser markers; initial model DPL Magic Marker

  • 1998

    Development, manufacture and distribution of systems for printing and automated labeling; initial model Hermes

  • 1996

    100 employees at cab worldwide

  • 1995

    Development, manufacture and distribution of label printers; initial models Apollo 1, Gemini 1

  • 1993

    France, cab’s first subsidiary abroad

  • 1991

    cab manufacturing in Sömmerda founded

  • 1989

    Distribution of label printing systems

  • 1975

    Development, manufacture and distribution of products for the electronics industry

  • 1975

    Founded in Karlsruhe by Klaus Bardutzky

  • 1975

More than 40 years in fast motion

  • The history of cab literally started in a garage in 1975: Besides engineering the first matrix printers, Klaus Bardutzky developed and produced electromechanical products on sales order. In the late 1980s the distribution of label printing systems was added to the cab portfolio.
  • Since 1995 the development, manufacture and distribution of product marking systems is cab’s core business. Components as well as laboratory, testing and production tools are still offered actively.
  • Success proves cab right: The company is steadily growing. In the fiscal year 2015 a total turnover of about 72 million euros was generated.

From the wide range of information on cab solutions we have derived interesting questions. These are briefly answered at https://www.cab.de/en/support/faq.


Think global, act local!

  • The cab headquarter is in Karlsruhe. cab is also represented with subsidiaries in Sömmerda in Germany, Niedermodern in France, Chelmsford in the USA, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Taipei in Asia, Juárez in Mexico and nearby Johannesburg in South Africa.
  • In seven countries cab employs altogether more than 370 employees.
  • There are furthermore 820 distribution partners in more than 80 countries around the globe. They work in close collaboration with the cab sales department the installation of cab products and solutions as well as their support service.

For real-time info on all that is going on at cab worldwide follow @cab_news on Twitter


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Roger Thiel / Head of Engineering

We live for technology

  • Modern companies set demands on constructive planning, agile operating and adaptability. These are fundamental factors for cab in order to develop, manufacture and distribute highly effective customer solutions.
  • Foresight, positive thinking, richness of ideas; added by curiosity and joy in its own products and their further development: These have always been driving forces at cab.
  • cab sees itself in the duty not only to sell products for customers’ requirements but also to provide with comprehensive guidance and scalable systems solutions.

Just a suggestion: explanatory videos at www.youtube.com/cabprodukttechnik

Erwin Fascher / Managing Director and Head of Production

Made in Germany

  • cab considers standstill a setback. Since founded in 1991 buildings, machinery and equipment at the cab fabrication in Sömmerda are therefore always using the latest technology.
  • To strengthen its technological leading position cab places emphasis on a maximum vertical range of manufacture as well as the use of new manufacturing processes.
  • Substantial equipment is fundamental for cab in order to manufacture even complex marking systems that set demanding requirements on production processes.

You want to know more about a special cab product?
We offer a wide range of product documentation with handbooks and guidance: www.cab.de/en/support

Our products
cab is setting new technological benchmarks in developing and manufacturing devices and systems for product labeling and product marking.

Label printers

For industrial use.

Professional industrial cab label printers are used in a wide variety of applications.

Print and apply

Automatic print and apply.

Different applicators allow the label to be applied via roll-on, blow-on or tamp-on to a product or packaging.

Marking lasers

Precise, fast, economic.

Diode-pumped ytterbium fiber lasers ensure highest beam quality. With 50 Watt maximum output power.

Labels and ribbons

Constant good print quality.

They are siuted for cab printers and ensures a constant quality.

Label software

Integrate cab label printers.

Opens the full potential of cab devices.

Label dispensers

Two dispensing directions.

Easy operation and precise label dispensing for a great price.

Uwe Lüdemann / Sales Director Label Printing Systems

Customer first!

  • Whether it is automotive industry, electronics, logistics, chemistry, pharmacy, textile, food, trading or services – cab feels comfortable in all lines of businesses.
  • Once cab, always cab – more than 88 percent of the cab customers steadily rely on cab products and solutions. Some of them for 20 years!
  • cab appreciates constructive dialogue with customers, distributors and vendors.

Are you already a cab customer? Then we would be happy about your statement on how you have experienced cab and its products. Email to marketing@cab.de








Ralf Rüders / Quality Manager


Resource efficiency is a privilege

  • Assuring quality is fundamental at cab not only because of increasing customers’ demands and the increasing number of legal requirements.
  • cab manufactures according to the specifications of the internationally applied standards DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 (quality) and ISO 14001:2004 (environment).
  • Resource efficient production pays off! Each generation of cab engineered and manufactured solutions is thereby designed for best possible energy use.

Comments and regulations at www.cab.de/certificates





Klaus and Alexander Bardutzky, cab Managing Directors
Our vision

Informing – inspiring – implementing

  • Product innovation according to cab means continuously developing ideas and assigning new technologies to real applications.
  • cab rates the Internet of Things, M2M communications and Big Data analysis as reasonable add-ons to industrial fabrication. Altogether they generate a circular flow that offers companies more flexibility.
  • cab provides conditions for Germany’s innovation leadership.

In case of any questions or suggestions you can reach us via email to info@cab.de.

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